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Why are some prices higher or lower when I change a ticket?

When changing a ticket, you will see in the list of options some prices are, for example, +$10 and others -$10, and some even $0.

This means that that’s the price difference between the original booking and the new booking. Here’s an example:
If it’s +$10, it means that the new option is $10 more expensive.
If it’s -$10, it means that the new option is $10 cheaper. In this case, you will be refunded the difference.
If it’s $0, it means that there’s no price difference.

The prices may vary depending on the route and itinerary.

⚠️ Important: Besides the price difference between options, the new booking may be subject to “change fees”. You can verify this at the bottom of the screen once you select the option.

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Updated on: 28/04/2023

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