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Why are some prices higher or lower when I change a ticket?

When changing a ticket, you will see in the list of options where some prices are, for example, +€9 and others -€197, and even €0.

This means that that’s the price difference between the original booking and the new booking. The price difference consists of the change fee the airline collects plus the difference between the old and the new fare. Here’s an example:
If it’s +€9, it means that the new option is €9 more expensive.
If it’s -€197, it means that the new option is €197 cheaper. In this case, you will be refunded the difference.
If it’s €0, it means that there’s no price difference.

The prices may vary depending on the route and itinerary.

⚠️ Important: Besides the price difference between options, the new booking may be subject to “change fees”. You can verify this at the bottom of the screen once you select the option.

Changing a ticket with a credit card
When you change a ticket and pay with a credit card, please note the following:
Extra charge: Even if the ticket change fee is displayed as €0, the system will charge your credit card again for the ticket cost and the card fee due to the technical process.
Refund: The ticket cost will then be credited to your balance on the app.

We are working on simplifying this process to avoid extra charges.

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Updated on: 31/05/2024

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