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When you need to issue the ticket

In short: almost never. C Teleport will issue it automatically.

When you make the reservation, C Teleport takes care of the rest. It carefully monitors the status of the reservation and issues the tickets as late as possible. It is done so because it give you more options to cancel ticket for free even if the refund is paid or they are not refundable.

The e-ticket number is not critical for flying because the reservation number is more important. And you have it already in your reservation.

It is highly recommended NOT to issue the tickets manually. C Teleport will automatically issue the ticket.

By letting C Teleport handle this you increase your chances for free cancellations. Therefore, after making a reservation there is no need to issue the ticket.

When do you have to issue the ticket?

Only when someone explicitly requires you to issue the ticket, you have to do so. It is very rarely when the e-ticket is required, but sometimes it may be required to arrange an "OK to board".
In all other cases it is better to leave it to C Teleport automated ticketing.

Please mind that sometimes by "e-ticket" people mean just the itinerary, not the e-ticket itself.

Only issue the ticket manually is someone explicitly asks you to do so. Otherwise leave it to C Teleport.

Updated on: 28/04/2023

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