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How to check visa requirements for my passenger's flight

To see the visa requirements, you should go to the booking page. As soon as you enter passenger’s nationality, click the “Check” button to see the visa requirement information.

A pop-up window will appear, and you can read the requirements for each one of the connections and the final destination of your traveller. If the visa is required, you will see a red dot near the country. If the visa is not required, you will see a green dot. Please always check the full text of the rule, as it can specify the cases when the passenger needs a visa or when they are exempt.

⚠️IMPORTANT: This serves as an advisory. C Teleport does not hold responsibility for the data quality. Provided data may be obsolete, incomplete or inaccurate. Check with the embassy/consulate when in doubt. Our support team cannot contact embassy/consulate. Upon request, we can check information on public websites and share it with you. However, we do not hold responsibility if that information is outdated, incomplete or untrue.

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Updated on: 16/06/2024

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