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How can I manage my bookings?

You can manage all your bookings by clicking the “Bookings” tab on the top menu.

🔎 Filter your bookings

Here you will find all your booking history, from past to future bookings. To find the booking, you need faster; you can use the different filters.

Upcoming flights
Past flights

Flight status
All statuses
Awaiting approval: the bookings that need approval from your manager (Only applies for the travel policy feature)
Declined: the bookings that your manager declined. (Only applies for travel policy feature)
Refund pending: the bookings that you cancelled, but you haven’t received the refund.

Sort by:
Departure date
Booking date

Booking type
Crew changes
Office staff flights (or return tickets)

To find the booking you’re looking for even faster, you can use the search bar on top. You can type the name of the vessel or the passenger.

📤 Export your booking history

You can download your booking history of the last month, last 6 months or the complete archive on Excel.

👷🏻 Manage individual bookings

To manage individual bookings, just click on the three dots next to the ticket information to find the menu.

Change & cancel your bookings
You just have to click the buttons, but you can read more about the whole process in these articles:
How can I cancel a ticket, and what are the rules?
How can I change a ticket?

Cancellation rules
It will show you the cancellation policy & timeline of your booking.

Copy to clipboard
It copies the flight information so you can paste it into an email or message to share with the passenger or anyone else.

Download as PDF
You can download all the ticket information in PDF format to share with the passenger.

Ticket details

When you click on the passenger’s name, you go to another page where you see the options mentioned above and the full details of the passenger.

Booking history
Under the passenger details, you can see the booking history details:
Who booked it & date
Who cancelled it & date

🚢 Manage entire crew change

By clicking on the three dots next to the vessel name, you can see the crew change options:
Download crew list (We can add the logo of your company upon request)
Cancel (entire crew change)

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Updated on: 12/11/2021

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