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What are refundability and cancellation timelines?

On C Teleport, you will see three types of tickets on the search screen:

Fully refundable
This status indicates all the flights that are refundable without any extra cost. Some flights can be “Fully refundable with deadline”, which means that you can cancel and get all your money back until a specific date and time. After that deadline, they might not be refundable anymore, or they might be refundable with a fee.

Paid refund
This status indicates the flights that have a penalty or fee if you cancel them. You can get a refund, but you won’t get the total value of the ticket. For these tickets the airline either imposes a cancellation fee, or there is a non-refundable tax included, or both. There is also “Paid refund with deadline”, which means that you can cancel with a fee until a specific date and time. After the deadline, the ticket might not be refundable at all anymore.

This status indicates the flights that are not refundable at all. But there’s a bright side, even those flights that are non-refundable have a cancellation deadline. It means that you have a small window of time if you change your mind and you want to cancel without penalty. Read more about the cancellation deadline by clicking here.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: Low-cost airlines are always non-refundable and don’t have a cancellation deadline.

What’s a cancellation timeline?

Besides showing you the refundability of the ticket, C Teleport also shows you the cancellation timeline.

You can see more in detail the date and time when you can cancel the ticket without penalties and how much is the fee. We recommend you to verify the information with the airline’s rules directly, you can do it on the same screen.

If you have any questions regarding the ticket’s refundability or the fees, please contact us via chat to verify the information.

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Updated on: 02/05/2024

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