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How to start booking

Booking with C Teleport is super easy. Once you select a flight, you will be taken to this screen:

Then, you can start adding the passenger details.

If you have the seaman data integration, enter only the first 2-3 letters of the passenger surname (don't paste the whole surname) and the fields will be filled automatically.

Before hitting the "Book" button, make sure you check the following things:
Check the ticket refund conditions: rules before and after the flight departure time, fees and deadlines. (click on the blue text)

Check baggage conditions: number of bags included and kilograms per bag.

Check visa rules on the app for connection and destination airports. (click on "check")
⚠️ Please read the text on the visa check carefully, it gives in-depth information on different cases and exemptions.

Once you checked all of that. hit the “Book” button, and that’s it! Your booking is confirmed.

You can download the booking confirmation from the PDF icon next to the passenger’s name and send it to the passenger.

You can always add a new passenger for the same flight by clicking the “Add new passenger” button.

Click here to know what to do when your passenger has only one name or has a long last name.

To continue booking for the rest of your crew change, just click on the arrow on top. It will take you back to the search screen.

To check which flights you already booked, you can click on “# booked" on the top left side of the search results screen.

There are a few other things that you might want to know when booking:

Pre-filled passenger information
If your account is connected to your crewing software, you will automatically get the seafarer information on the screen. Then all you have to do is click “Book”. To read more about crewing software integrations, click here.

Custom fields
You can add custom fields at the bottom of the passenger information to point out the reason for travel, the cost center, or any other information you need for your operations. This information will appear in the booking confirmation and the crew list.

Comments field
Here you can write freely any other information for this specific booking. It will also appear in the booking confirmation.

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Updated on: 12/11/2021

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