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What to do if a passenger has a long last name or has only one name?

📏 Passengers with a last name that is too long
There is a limit for the number of characters in the surname field.

If you are booking a low-cost flight that is non-refundable at all, meaning, there is no free cancellation period:
Ask us in chat how to register the passenger surname before booking.

If you are booking a regular airline that has a free cancellation period:
Write as much of the surname as possible
Make the booking
Let us know in chat the booking reference and full passenger’s surname as per passport.
We’ll add a remark with the full passenger’s surname in the booking for the airline.

☝️ Passengers with only one name
Make sure that you write the name of the passenger exactly as it appears on the passport. If the passenger doesn’t have a first name or last name, you should do the following:
Enter the information as per passport and leave the first or last name field empty (depending on what name your passenger is missing).
Click the “Book” button.
You’ll get a pop-up asking you if you’re sure that the passenger doesn’t have a first/last name or if you forgot to enter it. Confirm the message and the booking is made.

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Updated on: 12/11/2021

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