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Integrations with C TeleportšŸ§©

This article provides an insightful overview of our integrations and how they function. This documentation should be shared with your IT team for facilitating integration work.

Understanding integrations
Integration, in the realm of crewing, aviation, and fleet management software, is all about harmonizing data between your system and C Teleport. These integrations are available in three distinct types:

1. Two-way integrations

Supported by a range of industry-leading software solutions, our two-way integrations offer a symphony of data synchronization.
Supported with:
Cloud Fleet Manager by Hanseaticsoft (Hanseatic soft) ^
Compas by Ocean Technologies Group
FL3XX ^^
Leon Software ^^^
NAVBLUE N-Ops & Crew ^
WINops by REDiFly FMS ^^^

Key features:
Pre-filled passenger data to C Teleport
Crew change data upload to C Teleport
Flight bookings seamlessly sync back to your crewing software
^Changes and cancellations are automatically updated in your software
^^Hotel bookings find their way back into your crewing software

2. One-way integrations

Supported with:
Adonis Personnel Manager
Cape by Blue Dynamics
Phoenix Fleet Management by South Nests Software Solutions
smartPAL by Mariapps
and others.

Key features:
Pre-filled passenger data to C Teleport
Crew change data upload to C Teleport

3. Passenger data integration with Excel

If you wish to experience the wonders of C Teleport without integrating with your existing software, you have an alternative. You can provide us with passenger data in an Excel spreadsheet. Once uploaded, it ensures you receive pre-filled passenger details for your convenience.

How to set up integration with C Teleport

For supported software:
If your software is on the list of supported ones, simply reach out to us.
- New customers can contact their salesperson.
- Existing customers can get in touch with their Customer Success Manager.
Once we receive your request, we'll connect with your software provider to acquire the integration URL.
Our expert IT team will handle the integration setup.
Expect prompt updates from our sales or customer success team upon completion.

For software not on the supported list:
Request integration through our dedicated page.
Fill in essential details such as the software company name, your business sector, the importance of integration, and any comments you may have.
We promise a response within two weeks.
If you need assistance while filling out the form, don't hesitate to contact us via chat or

Security matters
Worried about data security? We recommend using HTTPS for all communications, backed by SSL certificates for enhanced safety and security.

Data deletion requests
Should you ever need to request the deletion of your data, reach out to us at, and we'll handle it promptly.

Missing passenger information? No problem!
Sometimes, a passenger might not appear in the C Teleport app. Here's what you can do:
Manually input the passenger data to complete your booking.
Verify if the passenger is present in your software or Excel spreadsheet.
- If you havenā€™t added the passenger details to your records before, no worries; their details will now be saved in the app's database for future searches.
- In the rare event that a passenger was in your database but their details didn't show up, please report it via chat or We'll investigate and provide a solution.

šŸ“§ Contact us at for any inquiries or support needs.

Updated on: 03/06/2024

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