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Integrations with C Teleport

Integrations with C TeleportšŸ§©

Q: What are data integrations?
A: Data integration is the process of moving data between databases ā€” internal, external, or both.

Q: How do I set up an integration with C Teleport?
A: To set up an integration with C Teleport, you'll need to contact the C Teleport team and provide information about your company or service. Depending on the type of integration you're looking for, the C Teleport team will provide you with documentation, samples, and technical support to help you integrate with the platform.

Q: What types of integrations does C Teleport offer?
A: C Teleport offers several types of integrations:

Web services / API
File export
Access to database

Q: How long does the integration process take?
A: This will depend on the type of integration and the complexity of your database. If you would like to get an estimate of how long the process might take, please contact our team.

Q: What are the benefits of integrating with C Teleport?
A: Integrating with C Teleport can help streamline the process of booking and managing travel for you and your team. By integrating with C Teleport, you can automate tasks, reduce manual data entry, and improve the overall efficiency of your operations.

Q: What type of data can be integrated?

Passenger data: you won't need to insert passenger data manually, this will be pulled out automatically.
Entire crew change data: you wont need to enter airports or dates.
Entering flight data into your crewing software: after booking, canceling or changing the flight, the data is automatically sent back to your crewing software.
Search flights from your crewing software: when you complete a crew planning, you can simply click one button and view all the flights for the whole crew change.

Q: What happens if you forget to insert data?
A: You will always have the option to fill in missing data while completing the booking.

Q: Do integrations put your data at risk?
A: We recommend all communication to take place over HTTPS, which is protected by the SSL certificate; a safe and secure method.

For more detailed information please visit our integration portal or send us an email to:

Updated on: 02/06/2023

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