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How can I cancel an unused ticket and get a refund?

Tickets can be cancelled either from the web platform or the mobile app. Download the app on the App Store:
Get the mobile app on Google Play:

Cancel from the Bookings page
To cancel one ticket go to “Bookings”, find the booking you want to cancel, click on the three points next to the name of the passenger and click “Cancel”.

To cancel the whole crew change, go to the the “Bookings” page, click on the three dots near the crew change and click “Cancel”.

Cancel from the reservation
You can also click the name of the passenger and cancel the ticket from the reservation page.

How long do you have to wait for a refund?
Immediate refund: Almost always once the ticket is cancelled, the refund will be issued automatically. In case there are no refund fees, you will receive the full amount.

Delayed refund: Sometimes, the refund will need the airline’s approval, so you will see “Cancellation Pending” on the platform. This means that the seat is cancelled, C Teleport’s team applied for a refund with the airline, and we are waiting for the airline to confirm the refund. It might take airline 2+ weeks to respond to the refund claim, however, it can also be faster.

Make sure to read the cancellation rules before cancelling. You can read more about this in this article.

Will I be invoiced?
Yes, you will be invoiced if the ticket has refund fees, non-refundable taxes or is completely non-refundable. If you cancel the ticket after the flight was invoiced. Then, you will receive a credit note once refund is processed.

You might also be invoiced if we need to contact the airline to receive confirmation for refund or waiver. In this case, you will be invoiced for the full ticket cost. As soon as the airline confirms the refund, you will receive a credit note.

How is the ticket refund calculated?
C Teleport doesn’t charge any cancellation fee. Depending on the ticket rules, airline fees and non-refundable taxes may apply.

How do I know if a ticket is refunded?
The ticket status on the platform will change from “Cancellation Pending” to “Cancelled”. You can apply a filter on the Bookings page to see all cancelled tickets.

Where can I see the cancellation costs after the refund is done?
You can check the cancellation costs either on the invoice or credit note. You wll be able to download these under 'Billing', then 'Reconciliation'.

In each booking, there's a reference on the refunded amount as well. You can also find it inside the app on the reservation page at the bottom where you can also see the names of the users managing that booking.

Do I also get a refund if a passenger missed the flight?

✈️ When a passenger misses a flight because of airline mismanagement (e.g. connection flight was too late to catch the next one), we will apply for a waiver with the airline to receive a refund. It’s the airline’s decision whether the waiver is given or not. Please make sure to cancel the ticket in this case and inform us in chat or by to request a waiver and the reason for it. It might take 2+ weeks for the airline to respond to the refund case.
😓 If the passenger missed a flight because of personal reasons or own fault, cancellation fees will apply as per ticket rules.

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Updated on: 02/05/2024

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