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Why are some marine flights not refundable?

It's only up to the airline to decide whether they offer a specific type of product, the price and what's included. Marine fares are not always available with all the airlines and all the routes. It is the airline's decision to offer marine fares for sale or not.

This also applies to ticket refundability. Usually, the competition in the industry makes certain practices common within the airlines. For example, marine fares are regularly fully refundable and have extended baggage allowance.

However, there's not a law that makes marine fares fully refundable all the time. Each ticket has its specific refund conditions. That's why we recommend you always check the refund conditions before you book a flight. It doesn't matter if it's a marine fare or not.

Marine fares can be:
Fully refundable anytime
Fully refundable before the deadline and then have cancellation costs or even become non-refundable
Have non-refundable taxes
Have cancellation fees or be non-refundable
Non-refundable if partially used (Read more in this article)

Marine fare refundability depends on the airline's pricing and financial policy, not on the agency.

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This article was updated on 12/08/2021

Updated on: 12/08/2021

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