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Are all the partially used tickets refundable?

No, the fare rules depend on each ticket. Inside the app, you can see the refund rules for fully unused tickets. But, the cancellation rules for partially used tickets can be the same or completely different.

To know the cancellation and refund rules of a partially used ticket, please send us a message in chat.

Are all marine fares refundable if partially used?
No, the ticket cancellation rules are unique per each ticket.

Marine fares can:
Be refundable if partially used
Have penalties
Be completely non-refundable.

⚠️ Important: When a marine fare is fully refundable, it doesn't guarantee that it's refundable if partially used.

How to request a partial ticket refund?
If a passenger flew one or more flights on the ticket, you could cancel the ticket on the app by clicking the "Cancel" button. In case the button is not available, please, request a partial ticket refund in the chat. We will process the request if the ticket rules allow a partial refund.

💡 See where to cancel a ticket on C Teleport in this article.

How is a partial ticket refund calculated?
Rules might differ, but one of the general practices is calculating the used part and deducting it from the total ticket cost. Additionally, used taxes, cancellation fees and non-refundable taxes are also deducted.

In some situations, the used flight may cost more than the total ticket. Sometimes a shorter flight is more expensive than a longer one. In this case, there will be no refund for a partially used ticket, even if there are no cancellation costs.

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This article was updated on 12/08/2021

Updated on: 12/08/2021

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