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Can I get a ticket refund in case of a flight disruption?

When a ticket is cancelled by an airline, you can get a full refund if it is an unused ticket. We will process the ticket refund. In case the ticket has cancellation fees, we would need to apply for a waiver with the airline to refund the total amount. The airline decides whether it grants the refund fee waiver or not.

Will a ticket be invoiced if the airline cancelled the flight?
There are two scenarios:
❌ If we could refund the ticket fully before the invoicing period, there won’t be an invoice.
✅ If we could not refund the ticket before the invoicing period. E.g. We applied for a cancellation fee waiver, and we’re waiting for the airline’s approval. In this case, we’ll issue an invoice, and we’ll send a credit note once a refund is transferred by the airline.

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Updated on: 12/08/2021

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