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What to do if an airline cancels a flight?

Flight cancellations can disrupt your plans. Here’s what to do in either of the two possible scenarios:

Before travel commences
If an airline cancels your flight before your journey begins, our support team will promptly notify you through email or chat. Following a cancellation, you should initiate a new search and book an alternative flight using our app. For assistance during this process, our chat support is available, or you can email us at

During travel
If a cancellation occurs while the passenger is at the airport awaiting a connecting flight, the immediate step is to approach the airline's desk to inquire about alternate flight options. The passenger should first consult the operating airline and, if no solution is offered, then proceed to contact the ticketing (plating) airline. In cases where the next available flight involves a significant delay, the passenger is entitled to request hotel and meal vouchers from the airline. Importantly, do not cancel the original ticket as any alternate flight provided by the airline will be linked to it.

If no alternate flight is offered
Inform our support team: Reach out via chat to describe what happened. Providing detailed information helps us process refunds for any unused flights, including handling cancellation penalties according to the airline's policies.
Cancel the cancelled flight: Use our app to cancel the flight that was cancelled by the airline.
Book a new flight: Proceed to search for and book a new flight on our app for the remaining portion of your journey.
Refund negotiations handled by us: Our team will negotiate with the airline for a refund of the unused travel segment. Please note, the refund process may take up to 2+ weeks for the airline to confirm and process the refund.

For any additional questions or support, reach out to us in the chat or email

This article was updated on 9/02/2024

Updated on: 09/02/2024

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