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How do OK to board visa arrangements work?

When your passengers are travelling internationally, they might require visa arrangements for specific destinations. If they don’t have the necessary visa, it should be taken care of. An OK to board arrangement can be a solution if you’re managing last-minute travel.

Why is it important?
The airlines are responsible for ensuring that the passengers will be permitted to enter the destination country during the check-in. In case the passenger is not allowed to enter the destination country, the airline has to deal with the repatriation costs and other possible penalties. So, airlines always check for every single passenger if it’s OK to board.

How to get an OK-to-board visa arrangement?
Your local agent could help you arrange a visa on arrival. In this case, the local agent has to contact the airline and guarantee that he/she will arrange the required permit and other immigration documents for your passenger. In other words, the local agent asks the airline to issue an “ok-to-board” for the passenger. Once it’s done, the airline will inform the check-in officer, allowing the passenger to take the flight.

Make the arrangements before departure
When your local agent can’t arrange a visa on arrival, an “ok-to-board” can’t be issued. Visa arrangements have to be taken care of before departure.

Without the required documents, you can have the following consequences:
The airline denies the passenger to board the plane. Additionally, the airline can refuse to refund the ticket.
The airline brings the passenger to the destination, but the immigration services deny entry to the country on arrival. Then, the airline has to fly the passenger back, and the ticket won’t be refunded.

⚠️Remember: It’s the passenger’s responsibility to arrange all the required documents before departure.

If your travellers need an OK-to-board, please ask your local agent to arrange it. Don’t forget to send them the passenger’s name and flight details along with your request.

This article was updated on 5/08/2021

Updated on: 05/08/2021

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