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What should I do in case of emergency?

Here’s a list of what you can do in the most common emergency situations.

✈️ Changed or cancelled flight when passenger is at the airport

In this case, most of the time, the airline should and will assist the passenger. When your passenger is stuck at the airport with a changed or cancelled flight, ask him/her to go to the airline's counter, who operated the flight, and ask for an alternative flight. If the operating airline cannot help, please ask the passenger to go to the airline who sold the ticket, i.e. the plating carrier.

The airline can also offer vouchers for hotels or meals if the next flight requires a long waiting time. If the airline can't provide an alternative, please inform us in chat or by on what happened, cancel the flight that the passenger won't use due to disruption. Then, book a new flight on the app.

Remember, you can always reach our support team in the chat or by

Overbooking by airlines
Sometimes airlines allow overbooking - a situation when more tickets are sold than there are seats in the aircraft. In that case the airline can ask passengers to volunteer to take another flight, or if no/not enough volunteers, to offload some passengers. Check more on overbooking here.

Delays due to security check or terminal transfer
Within a single ticket, airlines show connection times that are usually enough to change flights. It can happen that due to unusually long waiting lines in security check or issues with the terminal transfer it might take a passenger longer to get to the gate. If a passenger misses the flight because of this, unfortunately, the airline will not reschedule the passenger. In this case you would need to cancel the ticket to refund as per fare rules and rebook the passenger on the app.

👜 Lost or delayed baggage

Ask the passenger to report the lost/delayed baggage at the airport. He/She will receive a Property Irregularity Report with a tracking number to trace his/her baggage claim progress.
Ask the passenger to save all the receipts for necessity purchases such as clothing, hygiene products, etc. The passenger can later claim some expenses back to the airline due to the delayed baggage.
If the passenger did not report the lost baggage and left the airport, many airlines still allow to report lost/delayed baggage online. Please mind that airlines can have different rules and deadline for this. It is best to report missing baggage asap.

You can ask our support team in chat if you have any questions about claiming expenses. We can also help you talk to the airline to send your baggage to a particular airport.

You can read more on lost baggage here.

😓👜 Damaged baggage

When the luggage is damaged, you can ask the passenger to report it to the airline at the airport.
If you need help finding out further steps or talking to the airline, send us a message in the chat or by

Keep in mind that the airline might require photos of the damage, receipts of baggage reparations, etc.

😷 Passenger requiring medical assistance

You can ask us in the chat for help in the following situations:
The passenger requires medical assistance during the flight. E.g. oxygen mask.
The passenger requires help to board the flight or move within the airport. E.g. wheelchair assistance.
Check more here.

🙅 The airline refuses to board the passenger

If the airline refuses to board the passenger, feel free to ask us for help in chat or by

The airline has the right to forbid a passenger to board the flight when:
The passenger doesn't have all the documents required for the trip.
The passenger is late at the gate.
The passenger misbehaves or is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

🚨 Other emergencies not listed

If the emergency you're having is not listed, please send us a message in the chat or by During the weekends you can call our emergency numbers.

Find our chat service hours & emergency numbers by clicking here.

Updated on: 31/05/2024

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