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What should I do if an airline delays or loses the baggage?

When your passenger arrives at the final airport and doesn’t receive the check-in baggage, here’s what the passenger has to do:

Go to the Baggage Service Office at the airport and file for a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) to claim that the baggage is missing;
Save all receipts for necessity purchases such as clothing, hygiene products, etc., to claim the costs on the airline’s website later.
Use the PIR number to track your baggage on the airline's website. You can ask us for the link in the chat, we'll provide it for you.
Upon receipt of the baggage, check if it hasn’t been damaged. Otherwise, report the damage at the airport as soon as the passenger notices it.
Every airline has a deadline within which they usually locate and return the baggage. If the luggage is not found within this deadline, it’s marked as lost, and you can claim expenses for it according to the airline's policy.

Airlines might have deadlines to report missing baggage and claim necessity expenses. That’s why, as soon as the passenger notices it’s missing, file the PIR form at the airport.
If the passenger didn’t report the missing baggage and can’t file the PIR at the airport for whatever reason, it’s still possible to do it later on the airline’s website. However, there might be deadlines to do so. If a claim is filed later than the deadline allows, it can be rejected.
The passenger has to fill the claims as the owner of the baggage, not the travel agency.
Send us a message in chat to help you find the relevant links to claim or track the missing baggage and claim expenses.

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