C Teleport's Hotel Platform - Video Tutorial

Hi! Welcome to the C Teleport Hotel Platform walkthrough. Now that our Hotel Platform is live, we have put together a series of informative video tutorials to assist you. Let's delve into the crucial steps that will enable you to effortlessly navigate our platform.

In this video tutorial we cover:

Introduction to a new auto booking platform.
Accessing the platform's flight app.
How to search for autos by airport, city, region, or address.
Options for selecting hotels.
Configuring booking details like check-in and checkout dates, number of guests, nationality, meals, and special requests.
How your choices affect hotel prices.
The option to filter for free cancelation.
An overview of the search process.

2. Navigation, maps & filters📍

In this video tutorial we cover:

Selecting dates and destinations.
Search results layout.
Sorting options.
The map feature.
Hotel listings.
Fare options.

3. Traveler data ✈️

In this video tutorial we cover:

Traveler data entry process.
Special requests.
Adding rooms for additional guests.
Key booking details.
Price inclusions and exclusions.

4. Booking confirmation ✅

In this video tutorial we cover:

The confirmation page.
Voucher content.
Instructions for accessing and managing bookings.
The cancellation process.

Curious to know more? Try out our new Hotel Platform now.

Updated on: 15/09/2023

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