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Booking separate tickets: Can I check in my baggage till the final destination?

Whenever you book a trip consisting of several tickets, either by using “separate tickets filter” or by making separate searches on the app, mind that usually airlines check in the baggage until the last destination within a single ticket; exceptions are rare.

When travelling with separate tickets, the passenger needs to check-in again their baggage at the airport where the first ticket ends and the second begins.

What could be difficult in this situation is that the passenger needs to leave the migration area to receive their baggage and check-in again. The airport migration authorities might ask the passenger to present a visa or another document to do this, if this is applicable. In this case, legally, the passenger enters the country of connection to check in the baggage again. If the passenger does not have the documents to enter the country, either they will not be allowed to recheck-in the baggage, or at all to take the flight.

When travelling with two or more tickets, please always check the rules of the country where one ticket ends and another begins.

It is possible to ask airport personnel in the first airport of departure to check-in the baggage till the arrival airport in the last ticket. However, it is up to the airport personnel to decide on this. This can be helpful when the passenger has all the documents to leave the migration area to re-check in the baggage, but it would save the time for the passenger if the airport personnel could check-in the baggage till the final destination in the last ticket. This service is not guaranteed and cannot be arranged by phone or through a travel agency or an airline. Hence, it is always a risk the airport personnel will refuse this at the airport.

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Updated on: 23/06/2024

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