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Meal arrangements

Our dedicated support team is available to assist with meal arrangements for passengers. Here's how we can help:

For included airline meals:
If the passenger's ticket already includes a meal, we can request that a preferred meal type e.g., vegetarian, be made available onboard.

Adding or upgrading meals:
We offer the option to add a meal to the flight ticket if none is included or even add an additional meal as per your request. Furthermore, we can arrange for meals at the passenger's hotel.

Requesting a meal: steps to follow
To request a meal arrangement, kindly follow these steps:
Contact our support team through the support chat or at
Provide details about the passenger's meal requirements.
We will respond with the meal options, including details and pricing.
Upon your acceptance of the meal service details and price, we will proceed with the booking and confirm the arrangement.

Limitations in onboard meal selection
Please be aware of certain limitations when adding meals on flights:
Variety of meals: Not all flights offer a diverse range of meal options. In some cases, the requested meal type may not be available or the airline might have reached its quota for a specific meal.
Timing constraints: To ensure the availability of the preferred meal type, we recommend requesting meals at least 24 hours before the flight's departure. Late requests may not be accommodated due to pre-flight meal preparations.

Pricing for meals
Extra meals: Additional meals, whether on the flight or at the hotel, are subject to charges by the airline or hotel.
Included meals: When a meal is already part of the flight ticket, selecting a preferred meal type is usually complimentary, subject to the airline's meal availability.

Free meals depend on the airline and flight duration. It could happen that your flight doesn’t include a free meal or a meal at all.

If the airline provides a free meal on board, you can request the preferred meal via chat.

Keep in mind that airlines ask for meal requests a minimum of 24 hours before the flight; otherwise, the preferred meal might not be available. If what you requested is not available for that flight, our support team will inform you and offer an alternative to choose from.

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Updated on: 22/02/2024

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