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How can I add a traveler’s loyalty program number?

When your traveler is an airline loyalty program member and you would like to add their card number to a booking, you can now do it on the app.

You’ll see all the loyalty programs applicable for that ticket when you click it.

Choose the program that you would like to add to the passenger and enter the loyalty program number.

When you close the loyalty program number window, you can verify that the loyalty program was added.

The frequent flyer number will be saved once you finalize the booking.

⚠️The loyalty program number will be saved only after clicking “Book now.” If you didn’t go through with the booking, you’d have to enter the information again next time you book a flight for that specific airline or program. This also applies if you change the number, unless you book the tickets, the updates won’t happen.

Important to know

💺The loyalty program number is saved on the passenger you applied it to. Next time you book a ticket for the same passenger, the number will be automatically added. You can always edit it or choose another loyalty program on the booking screen, and the information will be saved when you click “Book now.”

🙋 The loyalty program number is only for individual passengers. If you want to use your company's corporate loyalty program number, you should send us the number in chat. It will be automatically added to every booking you make where that program is accepted, regardless of the passenger.

Not clear yet? Click here to read more about the difference between Personal Loyalty Program and Corporate Loyalty Programs.

✈️ Some airlines accept both the loyalty program number of the passenger and the corporate loyalty program number of the company. In case the airline accepts only one, C Teleport will use the passenger’s loyalty program number by default.

💬 You can only change the loyalty program number when you’re booking. After your booking is confirmed and you need to change the number or realize there’s a mistake, you need to let us know in chat, and we’ll change it for you.

Though we’ll change your loyalty program number on your current booking, when you see the reservation on C Teleport, you will see the first loyalty program number you entered. But on your next booking, you’ll see the correct number.

💻 On most flights, you can only use one loyalty program number per ticket. There are some exceptions where you can add two loyalty program numbers. In that case, you should send us the second loyalty program number via chat. When you’re booking separate tickets, you can add more than one loyalty program number directly on the platform.

If you have any questions regarding the Frequent Flyer Number or Corporate Loyalty Program use on C Teleport, don’t hesitate to contact us via chat or via

Updated on: 28/04/2023

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