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Why do some tickets allow more baggage than others?

Sometimes you might see tickets that include no baggage at all, and sometimes others have 40 kg luggage. A ticket might say that you can bring 2 pieces of luggage, but another ticket only says “maximum 30kg”. On what does it depend?

Baggage allowance depends on:
The itinerary you chose. For example, a combination of a cabin-class (Economy, Economy Premium, Business), fare type (marine or public), brand (e.g., restricted or flexible);
Route: it determines whether the baggage allowance limit will be in pieces or in kilograms.

Piece vs. Weight
Depending on the departure/arrival country, an airline uses one of the two principles:
Piece concept - an airline specifies the number of bags a passenger can check-in.
Weight concept – the maximum number of kilograms (lbs) the baggage can weigh.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) suggests that the weight concept is used for flights with departure & arrival cities in Europe. The piece concept is applied to flights to/from and within the territory of the USA and Canada. Some airlines add South American and African countries to this list as well.

⚠️Important: It is the airline that decides baggage allowance for a particular booking. You can always check it on the app.
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Updated on: 28/04/2023

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