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How to add baggage

Adding extra baggage beyond what is included in your airline ticket can be arranged either at the moment of flight booking or after the ticket is already booked. The approach differs based on the timing of the request.

At the moment of flight booking
Select 'See options for extra baggage' in the app, choose the required amount, and confirm your booking.

After the flight is booked
To request extra baggage after booking, contact our support team through chat or email at Include the following information:
the number of bags or additional kilos needed;
the passenger's name;
booking reference;
and route (from where to where).

Our team will verify prices and conditions with the airline and inform you before booking the extra baggage.

Important information

Time limits: There is no strict deadline for adding extra baggage, but requests made close to the departure time (usually within 24 hours) may have limited availability or options.
Invoicing: If extra baggage is added during or after flight booking but before the flight invoice is sent, it will be included in the flight invoice. Separate invoicing applies for baggage added after the flight invoice.
Cancellation policy: Extra baggage is non-refundable.
Flight cancellations: In case of involuntary flight cancellation by the airline, contact us for a baggage refund request.
App errors: If you are unable to add extra baggage through the app, contact us for assistance.
Code-share flights: Some code-share flights may only allow adding extra baggage at the airport or via phone due to airline restrictions.
Baggage allowance: Airlines may display baggage allowance in kilos (e.g., 23kg) or pieces (e.g., 1 piece). Check the included allowance in the app. You can find more information about this here.

For any further queries or assistance, our support team is ready to help via chat or email at

Updated on: 07/12/2023

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