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What is the maximum baggage size and weight?

Check-in baggage weight varies per booking. You can check the number of bags and weight per bag on the booking screen. If you have questions, send us a message in chat.

If you need to know the check-in baggage dimensions, you can click on the baggage link on the booking screen to go to the airline's baggage page and read the information there, or you can ask us in chat.

The maximum baggage weight and size depend on the flight. Baggage allowance is different depending on a travel cabin, route, fare type, and many other factors. The airline is the one that determines baggage allowance for a particular booking.

In general, marine fares have extended baggage allowance such as 2 pieces of baggage or 40kg.

Public tickets have baggage allowance ranging from 0 to any; this also depends on the airline.

General information

According to IATA (International Air Transportation Association), a passenger usually can take two checked pieces of baggage with the sum of one bag’s height, width, and length not exceeding 158 cm/62 inches.

height + width + length ≤ 158 cm/62 inches

IATA advises 23kg/50lbs as a maximum weight for each bag. However, some airlines have an extended limit up to 32kg/70lbs per bag or, controversially, set 20 kg as a limit.

max bag weight = 23kg/50lbs
"heavy" bag = 32kg/70lbs

⚠️ Important: Baggage weight, size, and quantity depend on the airline. You can always check baggage allowance on the booking page (number of checked-in baggage pieces and kilograms per bag). If in doubt, just ask us in chat.

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