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What is a booking with separate tickets?

C Teleport has a convenient feature that saves time and helps reduce costs - separate tickets.

Whenever separate tickets are enabled, you get options for a trip consisting of TWO separate tickets.

Benefits of separate tickets

✈️ Complex routes offered - sometimes there is no airline or airline alliance to connect departure and arrival airports in a single ticket. Then, the only option is to fly with a couple of tickets.
⌛️ Last minute bookings - when checking a flight last minute, separate tickets can have more options and better prices.
💰 Better prices - sometimes flying with two tickets is cheaper than traveling with one.
🔠 More options - you can have more options by checking single and separate tickets on one page.

Things to keep in mind when you book separate tickets

🛂 Passenger documents to transit in the airport where the first ticket ends and the second starts

Baggage is usually checked in until the last destination in a single ticket (with rare exceptions). In a separate ticket, the baggage will be checked in until the last airport of arrival within the first ticket only.

To check in the baggage for the second ticket, the passenger would need to pass migration, present the necessary documents of the country (visa and permits), receive the baggage, and recheck it for the second ticket.

⚠️ If a passenger doesn’t have the necessary documents to enter the country where the first ticket ends and the second starts, they will not be able to pick up and recheck in the baggage.

💸 Second ticket refund rules
Airlines bear the responsibility for flights within a single ticket. If a flight in a single ticket is canceled, the airline either has to reschedule the passenger or refund the unused part of the ticket.

In case of a separate ticket, if flights are delayed or canceled in the first ticket, and the passenger can’t get on board the second ticket flight, the airline will not reschedule the passenger, and the refund will follow the ticket rules. That’s why it’s crucial to choose separate tickets where the second ticket is fully refundable, has a low refund cost, or is very cheap.

💼 Baggage allowance for both tickets
In a separate ticket, each one of the tickets can have completely different baggage allowances. Please, check baggage allowance per ticket before booking.

Updated on: 15/12/2021

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