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I can't find a flight, do I really see all the options on C Teleport?

C Teleport checks fares in multiple countries and performs more than 15 different searches for each route. It's as if you ask a couple of travel agents for a flight quotation simultaneously, but way faster.

On the platform, you will see all the possible options on your screen. And, you can see the sources we used to get this fare, and the flight prices offered in other countries. (Read more here).

However, there are still some reasons why some flights might not appear on the search results:

Strict filters
You may have applied too many filters on your search, and the flight you're expecting doesn't appear. Try resetting the filters.

Split tickets
By default, C Teleport doesn't show split tickets in the results. You need to select the "Split ticket" option on the filter menu. We don't show the split tickets right away because, in many cases, split tickets are less convenient than regular flights.

No seats available
Airlines move their seat availability all the time. In fact, seat availability changes every second. If you don't see the flight you expected, maybe the airline ran out of seats for this flight.

Another situation could be that you're comparing prices between C Teleport and another website (e.g. Skyscanner, Expedia.). In that case, you might see seats and fares that are not in real-time. To verify the seat availability and price on these websites, you need to pick the flight and proceed to the payment page. The seat details will be updated on the payment page, and you will see the actual availability. With C Teleport, you can be sure that you're seeing all the information in real-time.

C Teleport is meant to help you minimize the costs of marine travel. So, we show Economy Class tickets as the first option. To see the Business-Class flights, you need to select them on the search results page by clicking "More" next to the basic filters.

A pop-up will appear and you can click on the "Business" check-box.

If you still can't find a flight, please ask us in chat. C Teleport support team will be happy to help you.

To understand more about how benchmarking works and how it affects seat availability, find more information here.

Updated on: 05/08/2021

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