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Technical stops

What are technical stops?
A technical stop is a scheduled stopover made by an aircraft for specific technical reasons, such as refuelling due to the long distance of the journey or the aircraft's limited fuel capacity. This stop may also involve changing the crew or loading meals onto the aircraft. While the aircraft is being serviced, passengers are typically asked to remain on board. However, in some instances, passengers may be asked to disembark. Importantly, passengers do not need to switch to a different aircraft; they continue their journey on the same plane after the stopover.

Why is it important to know there is a technical stop during the flight?
It's crucial for passengers to be aware of technical stops because they might need to obtain the necessary travel documents, such as a visa, for flights that include such stops.

Identifying technical stops
Technical stops do not result in a change of the flight number. For example, a flight from Amsterdam to Manila with a technical stop in Taiwan for refuelling will retain the same flight number for the entire journey.

How to check:
Hover over '+1' next to the indication of stops

Click on the 'flight details'

Note: Information regarding any technical stop will not appear in the PDF containing your flight details, as this feature is currently under development. For now, details on any technical stops can only be found on the booking screen.

Updated on: 05/03/2024

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