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C Teleport route map

Welcome to the C Teleport route map!
Our free map allows you to find all possible routes from point A to point B. Please note that this map does not show real-time flight availability but instead displays all potential routes considering various airlines and their flight schedules. This is particularly useful for complex routes that require 2 or more tickets, helping you to plan multiple searches in our app. We provide a link to this map when our search engine offers no flight options.

How to use the route map:
Enter the departure and arrival airports.
Enter the arrival/departure date.
Click the “Search” button.

Example search:
Imagine you need a flight from Port-au-Prince, Haiti (PAP) to Lijiang, China (LJG), arriving on 2 March.
Enter the departure and arrival airports (PAP to LJG).
Enter the arrival date (2 March).
Click “Search”.

The map will display all possible routes, such as the 7 routes found in this case. It will show:
The number of tickets needed.
Connection airports.
Total travel time.
Whether an overnight stay is required at any connection point.

Viewing and selecting routes:
Click on any flight option to highlight the route on the map.
The right side of the screen will show all flight details for the selected route.

Booking flights:
After selecting a route, you can make a search in our app to check flight availability and prices. For the given example, you might need to make two searches, such as:
PAP to ORY, then ORY to CAN.
PAP to CDG, then CDG to CAN.

Need help?
If you need assistance finding flights, please reach out to us via chat. Keep in mind that strict filters or your company’s travel policy might exclude certain flights. For more information, please refer to the related linked articles.

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Updated on: 10/07/2024

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