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Credit Card Payments: Terms & Conditions

Which cards are accepted?

Union Pay

How can you insert your credit card details?

You can insert your card via payment methods on settings or on the booking page.

Click here to read all the steps.

What are the terms and conditions?

C Teleport reserves the ticket amount on the card directly after booking, but we will charge the amount only after issuing the ticket. This can take between 1-4 days.

What can be booked with a credit card?
plane tickets
extra services for the already booked ticket, e.g. adding a meal, buying extra baggage, arranging airport transfer

For a full list of extra services, please check here.

Limitations with credit card cookings

Hotels: Currently, hotel bookings with a credit card are not available, but we're working on it.
Standalone Services: Booking services like taxis or train tickets independently of a plane ticket isn't possible yet. We're developing this feature.
After Ticket Purchased: if the ticket is booked as bank transfer, it's not possible to pay with credit card afterwards.

Ticket refunds with a credit card

Refunds will not be directly transferred to your credit card.
Any refunded amount will be credited to your C Teleport account. For your next ticket purchase, this credit can be used, which means your card won't be charged again, saving you the card fee. Just remember, the cost of the new ticket should either match or be less than your available credit balance.
If you have insufficient credit in your C Teleport account and you purchase a ticket, your credit card will be charged for the full amount plus the card fee and your balance will remain in your account.

Changing a ticket with a credit card
During ticket changes, even if there's no change fee, the system will still recharge your credit card for the ticket and card fee due to technical reasons. The ticket cost will then be transferred as credit in the app. We are actively working to streamline this process to eliminate the need for extra charges.

Are there any credit card fees?

Click here to read about credit card fees.

Updated on: 01/07/2024

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