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Trade Credit line

Trade Credit line provided by C Teleport

We have introduced a new feature to provide you with more transparency and control over your expenses, which will allow you to gain insight into the amount that C Teleport is pre-financing for your company. The reason for this pre-financing is due to the payment dynamics in the airline industry. Typically, we need to pay airlines much sooner than we receive payments from our customers. This timing difference necessitates the pre-financing process to ensure seamless booking experiences. With our new indicators, you can easily visualize the status of your credit and determine whether you have sufficient funds to proceed with your bookings.

Q: What is the Trade Credit line provided by C Teleport?
A: C Teleport’s new credit line represents the maximum amount of credit we can provide for your bookings. This limit is determined based on various factors, including your credit score and the regularity and timeliness of your payments.

Q: Who is eligible for a Trade Credit line?
A: Eligibility is determined through a Know Your Customer (KYC) process, including a thorough examination of the company’s credit report, evaluation of industry standing, assessment of reputation through interactions with other companies, and comparison with similar industry entities.

Q: How is the credit calculated?
A: The credit used consists of the invoices that have been issued, as well as the uninvoiced reservations that you have made.

Q: Can I increase the credit line?
A: Yes, you can increase your credit line by requesting this through customer support or our sales team. Based on your payment behaviour and your credit score, we will evaluate your request.

Q: What are the criteria for increasing the Trade Credit limit?
A: The key criterion is having no overdue invoices from your company or its international branches now or in the past six months. Poor payment practices by any group company can negatively affect the decision to increase the credit limit.

Q: How is the Trade Credit line determined for groups of related entities?
A: Credit lines are calculated on a per-customer basis (the entity that signed an agreement with C Teleport), including all its billing entities.

Q: Is the credit line displayed on the billing page in real-time?
A: Yes, the credit line is displayed in real-time.

Q: How is my credit line determined?
A: The credit line is determined by your credit score, the regularity and timeliness of payments, and the deposit that you have provided to C Teleport. Here's how you will be notified and how you will be able to stay on track of your credit:

Sufficient credit:

Limited credit warning:

Credit limit reached:

Q: Why have you decreased my credit line?
A: If you regularly have overdue invoices, C Teleport will reduce the credit line provided to you.

Q: I currently have tickets and services that are booked but not invoiced*, leaving me without any invoices to settle. How can I enhance or unblock my trade credit?

If your company has cleared all its invoices but faces a low or blocked credit line due to numerous booked but uninvoiced services, consider these strategies:

Discuss your company's payment record, terms, and the possibility of a deposit to boost the credit line with your C Teleport contact.
Utilise a Credit Card for immediate bookings. This bypasses the credit line system. If this option isn't visible, contact the support team to enable credit card payments. Once done, check here for instructions on how to add a credit card.
Use the 'Issue ticket' feature and request invoice generation via chat or email at Be aware that there might be delays in receiving these invoices, and fare rules will apply once tickets are issued.
Request the support team to modify settings for more regular invoicing.
On request, we can issue all tickets on the same or the next day of booking, enabling daily invoicing. This frequent updating of the Trade Credit might result in more cancellation fees for tickets with specific conditions, so it’s important to consider the potential costs.

*Q: Why are some tickets booked but not yet invoiced?
A: Tickets may remain uninvoiced if the flight is in the future. Delaying ticket issuance allows for easier cancellation, fewer fees, and reduces the number of invoices, given that 25-50% of tickets are usually changed or cancelled.

Q: Is it possible to use a deposit to cover overdue invoices?
A: When transferring money to C Teleport, it typically serves two purposes:

Direct payment: Payment for bought flights or services, each payment must reference the specific invoice it's intended for.
Deposit as a guarantee: Deposits are assurances to C Teleport that the bought services will be paid. These deposits are not utilised for invoice settlements but are held to bolster the credit line.

However, if you wish to use your deposit, either fully or partially, to offset overdue invoices, please inform us via chat or at Be aware that this will result in a corresponding reduction in your credit line by the amount of the deposit used for invoice payments.

Q: Why is my Trade Credit low despite a positive balance with C Teleport?
A: Despite your company having a positive balance with C Teleport, a low trade credit may occur under certain circumstances. This typically happens if your company has a substantial deposit with us. However, the presence of overdue invoices in our system is viewed as an indicator of unreliable payment habits. Such a scenario can negatively impact your company's credit line, leading to its reduction even with a positive account balance.

Updated on: 11/01/2024

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