Customer Invoicing Procedures - FAQ

When paying an invoice should I send a specification of the payment?

That will depend on the payment:

If you are paying for multiple invoices in one payment, please send the payment specification to accounting@cteleport, so we can make sure your payment is allocated to the invoices that you intended it for.
If you are paying for one invoice only, please mention the full invoice number in the payment description. We will then match the amount with the invoice automatically. There is no need to send us a specification in this case.

When will I receive invoices?

If you are paying by bank transfer, you will receive invoices weekly on the same day.
Recently (March 2023), C Teleport has changed the day that customers receive invoices for some customers. This has been done to have more stability in our invoicing system.

Can I change the day I receive the invoices?

Yes, you can request this with customer support via chat or by sending an email to

Can I change the invoicing frequency?

Payment schedules and payment terms can be changed for several reasons:

When paying a deposit to C Teleport, we can extend your payment terms, the amount of the deposit depends on the number of flights you book (and the average price of these).
If payments are done within the due date for 6 months and your credit score allows this, C Teleport can consider extending the payment term for you.

Updated on: 09/03/2023

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