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Customer invoicing procedures - FAQ

Should I include a payment specification when paying an invoice?

It depends on your payment:
If you're consolidating payments for multiple invoices into one transaction, please include invoice numbers in the payment description.
If you are settling a large number of invoices and there isn't enough space to list all invoice numbers, send the payment specification to, to ensure proper allocation.
Providing full invoice numbers in the payment description enables automatic matching, eliminating the need for a specification. This automated process is more efficient, saving time compared to manual matching.

When will I receive invoices?

If paying via bank transfer, invoices are sent weekly on the same day by default.

What is included in invoices?

Only issued tickets are invoiced. Reservations without issued tickets are excluded.

Extra services in invoices:
If an extra service is booked together with the ticket, it will be issued in the same invoice.
If an extra service is booked after the flight reservation is made but before it is invoiced, it will be invoiced in the same invoice.
If an extra service is booked after the flight reservation is made and invoiced, it will be sent in a separate invoice.

How to group flights in invoices?

Flight can be grouped in invoices by:
Booking: One booking per invoice.
Booker and vessel combination: All bookings of vessel A by booker D in one invoice.
Vessel: All vessel B bookings in one invoice.
Company: All company C bookings in one invoice.
Custom invoicing field: All bookings with custom field D in one invoice.

Can I change the day I receive the invoices?

Yes, you can request changes through customer support via chat or by emailing

Updated on: 20/02/2024

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