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What roles are available on the C Teleport platform?

Traveller: For individual booking management. No access to others' bookings. Example: captains or superintendents, who can book, change and cancel flights for their own travel.
Agent: Manages bookings for all users within a tenant*. Example: a crewing manager booking for the crew.
Super Agent: For overseeing multiple tenants. Example: a manager handling several departments with different currencies and/or visibility settings.
Accountant: Views invoices, cannot book or manage bookings.
Observer: Sees bookings in their tenant but cannot book, cancel and change bookings, or see invoices. Example: a colleague needing flight details for documentation.
Admin: This role has access to everything. Manages bookings and users within a tenant, including role assignments and viewing invoices.

*Tenant: A unique client account featuring a single currency and collective booking visibility. Upon request, multiple tenants can be established to manage booking access—ensuring each department has a dedicated tenant for viewing only its specific bookings.

Can roles overlap? What are the implications of having both the observer and admin roles?
Yes, roles can overlap. In situations where a user has multiple roles, the role granting the highest level of access prevails. For example, if a user initially has the "observer" role and later receives the "admin" role, they will be endowed with all the privileges associated with the admin role.
The overlap of roles is beneficial for scenarios involving distinct roles, such as "agent" and "accountant." This arrangement enables a user to access both bookings and invoices, showcasing the versatility and efficiency of role overlap.

Role assignment guidelines:
At least one Admin is necessary for configuration.
Each travel planner should have an Agent user.
Accountant for invoice and statement access.
Super Agent for managing multiple tenants.
Observer for booking oversight without management powers.
Traveller for self-booking users.

Minimum setup: One Admin and one Booker/Accountant (can be the same user).

Recommended setup: Two Admins in case one is out of office, one Agent per travel planner, an Accountant for finance, the head of the crewing department as an Admin or Observer, and the Observer role for department heads or ship captains to monitor bookings. The Traveller role for those managing their own travel (such as captains, engineers or superintendents).

When do I need more than 1 tenant?
Multi-currency payments: One tenant for each currency used.
Large corporate groups: To divide the management of travel policies and user responsibilities.
Selective access: Limiting agent access to only certain bookings within the group.

Updated on: 05/03/2024

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