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How can I register a new credit card?

Please note that the option to register a new credit card is currently available only through our web version and is not accessible on the mobile app.

There are two ways of registering a new credit card:

Through the new “Settings” page

On the upper right part of the start page, you will see your user name. When you click it, you will get a small drop-down menu with two options: Settings and Log out. Click on Settings.

You will land on the “Companies” page, where you can find all the details of the companies under your account.

Click “Payment methods”, and you will find the “Add credit card” button on the upper right. A small window will appear where you can enter all your credit card details.

At the moment of booking

Once you select an option on the search screen and enter the passenger information, on the right side of the screen, under the flight details, you will find the payment options.

You can select from the payment methods you already registered, or you can register a new one. Click on the payment method, and a drop-down menu will appear with all the payment options and an “add credit card” option.

Fill in the information, and it’s done!

⚠️ When you choose to pay with a credit card, you will get a warning notice under the “Book now” button about your bank requesting a security code and the credit card fees. Please, read it carefully and act accordingly.

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Updated on: 15/12/2023

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