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How to start a search

Enter You will see the start screen right away. It looks like this:

If you don’t see the start screen, you might need to log in. If you have issues logging in, see what to do by clicking here. If you need to create a new account, click here.

Chose between Crew Change or Business Trip.
With the Business Trip option, you can book return flights or flights for anyone who is not a seafarer. Booking for a Business Trip is simple. It’s very similar to other online booking platforms.
The screen looks like this:

Searching Business Trip flights will only show you public fares, but you can select “Also show Marine flights” to get marine fares as well.

Booking a Crew Change is slightly different. Let’s have a look.

On the Crew Change screen, you can add all the information about your crew change:
Date of port call
Crew Change Airport
Vessel Name
Vessel Flag
Going to the ship: arriving to crew change airport
Going home: departing from crew change airport

✈️ Crew Change Airport - Search based on the port with the map.

When you’re unsure which airport is more convenient for your crew change, you can search based on the port.

Type the port name on the “Crew Change Airport” field. The platform will automatically suggest an airport. If you’re not convinced, you can take a look at the map by clicking “Show on map”.

On the map, you will see a big blue pin that indicates the port of your choice. Then you will see more pins with an airplane that shows the airports nearby.

Have you noticed that they have a different color? Here’s the reason:
Blue airplane: Indicates the large airports. They have a lot of flights and usually provide better fares and good geographical coverage.
Grey airplane: Indicates medium-sized airports. They have an average number of flights. They may have good prices on specific routes and insufficient geographical coverage.
Outlined airplane: Indicates small airports. They have a small number of flights. Poor geographical coverage, and they’re unlikely to give good prices.

You can choose an airport from the map or from the list. Then you click the blue button that says “Use this airport”, and that will be the airport used for your search.

🏠Going home and 🚢Going to the ship

On this part of the search screen, you can select the destinations of your travelers. You can add as many on-signers and off-signers as you need. You can also enter nearby destinations to compare prices.

Once all the information is written, just click “Find flights!” to start your search.

If your account is connected to your crewing software, you will automatically get all the crew change information by typing the vessel name. To read more about crewing software integrations, click here.

The search results screen looks something like this:

And from there you can start selecting the flights you need.

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Updated on: 12/11/2021

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