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Flight changes and cancellations

Why could my flight be changed or cancelled?
Flights might be changed or cancelled for several reasons, such as airline-initiated schedule alterations, both planned and unplanned strikes at the airline or airport, adverse weather conditions like heavy snow, rain, wind, or typhoons, unavailability of the scheduled crew, or significant traffic at the airport.

How will I be notified of flight changes or cancellations?
We aim to promptly inform you via chat or email when we receive notifications from the airline about any changes or cancellations to your flight. If you prefer notifications to be sent to a specific email address, please let us know in advance through chat or email, and we'll make sure it's included in our communications.

What happens if my flight is cancelled without an alternative flight?
If the airline cancels your flight and does not offer an alternative, we will file for an involuntary flight refund with the airline and inform you. Please note: if the cancellation occurs very close to departure time and the passenger is already at the airport without any alternative flights provided in the booking, it's advisable for the passenger to inquire directly at the airline's desk. Airlines typically assist passengers at the airport in finding the next available flights.

For more information on what a passenger can do at the airport if the flight is cancelled, please visit our detailed guide on what to do if an airline cancels a flight.

How do you handle involuntary flight changes?
If the airline changes the initially booked flight, we will contact you via chat or email to inquire if the new flight option is acceptable. If you approve the new flight, we will update your booking accordingly. If you do not accept the change, we will file for an involuntary flight refund with the airline. We appreciate quick responses to secure bookings on newly offered flights, as delays can lead to the loss of available seats.

What should I do in case of major disruptions?
In the event of significant disruptions such as severe weather, strikes, or other unforeseen circumstances, we will share updates from the airline through chat. If you're not online at the time, we will forward the update to your email unless you have unsubscribed from chat notifications. Otherwise, the message will remain accessible in the app's chat section.

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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