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What support options does C Teleport offer?

At C Teleport, we're committed to offering you the best customer support experience possible. To make communication smoother and ensure you receive prompt assistance, we've put together this guide. It will help you know when to use our live chat for instant responses and when to turn to our email or portal support for less urgent issues.

Support options and when to use them:
Chatbot for categorising questions
Live chat for immediate assistance
Email and portal for delayed assistance
Rating your experience with our support team

When you open the chat, you'll encounter our chatbot asking two questions. Don't worry, the chatbot doesn't replace a human agent. It simply categorises your request by asking these questions, such as about extra services or ticket changes. After selecting your request category, our support agent will assist you as usual. Choosing the category helps us understand which requests are being handled in the chat and enables us to improve our service.

In rare instances, your chat session may encounter a snag. Here's how to resolve it:
Scroll up and interact: If your chat appears stuck, scroll up until you find an unanswered chatbot message. Click on it to prompt a response and unblock the chat.
Log out and clear cache: If the issue persists, log out of your account, clear your browser's cache and history, and then log in again. You can find instructions on how to clear cache and browser history here.

Live Chat: Immediate Assistance

Use the live chat for inquiries that require an immediate response or assistance. Here are examples of scenarios suitable for the live chat:
Booking assistance: For real-time help with bookings, changes, or app functionality.
Extra service requests: any request for extra services. Check here how to request extra services.
Technical issues: Urgent technical support, that prevents you from imminent flight bookings (departure within 7 days). Check here how to report technical issues.
Urgent queries: Questions that concern bookings with a departure in less than 48 hours, e.g. ticket changes, questions on travel details etc.

C Teleport Help Center: response within a day

For inquiries that do not require an immediate response, we invite you to file a request through our Help Center or reach us via email at
General queries: For non-urgent questions such as inquiries about bookings with a departure in more than 48 hours, feedback, or requests that can be resolved within a day.
Follow-up requests: When you need updates on existing cases, pending refunds, or detailed information that may take a bit longer to provide.
Technical issues: Technical problems encountered while using our platform that don't prevent you from booking a flight. Also applicable if the flight you're unable to book is more than 7 days in the future.
Invoice changes: If you need to make changes to invoices or add a new invoicee.

Looking for instructions on how to use our Help Center? Click here.

Tips for reporting cases by email:
Avoid adding other contacts: Please refrain from including personal emails or additional contacts from C Teleport in the email's "To" or "CC" fields. Our support agents will coordinate with other departments if necessary.
Use official email: Always use to ensure a timely reply.
Provide key information: Include details such as booking references and passenger surnames, and describe your inquiry in detail. More information helps us assist you faster.
Include attachments: If applicable, attach relevant documents or screenshots to aid in understanding and resolving your request.
Any email you send to is converted to a case that you can access and follow up on via the portal.

Rate your support experience:
Occasionally, you may be prompted to rate your experience with our support team during a chat session. Your feedback is invaluable to us. Please take a moment to select the number of stars that reflect your satisfaction with the assistance provided. Additionally, feel free to leave a comment along with your rating. We genuinely value your feedback as it helps us continually improve our service and better assist you in your day-to-day operations. Thank you for your input!

Updated on: 07/03/2024

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