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Ryanair passenger verification procedure

When a Ryanair ticket is booked through C Teleport, Ryanair requires passengers to complete their online verification process for security reasons. Here's what passengers need to do:

Visit the Ryanair customer verification page:
Log in using their booking reference and the C Teleport email address used for the booking. If you're unsure of the email, please contact us through our chat service for assistance.
Complete the verification process. This can be done using either facial recognition or signature recognition. Passengers need to ensure they have a device with a camera for this step.
Confirm the passenger’s contact details as part of the process.

Successfully completing the verification allows passengers to check in online for their flight, helping them avoid check-in fees at the airport.

For more information, visit Ryanair's guide: How do I verify my booking?

Alternatively, verification can be done at the airport. However, please note that passengers should arrive at least 2 hours before their flight and be prepared to pay the airport check-in fee. Keep in mind that these conditions are subject to change by the airline.

Updated on: 04/01/2024

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