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How can I pick the right flight?

To help you make a better decision of what flight to choose, here are some questions that you could ask yourself while looking for the right flight:

Departure/arrival times

Q: Does your crew need to arrive or depart at a certain time?
A: If yes, use departure/arrival filters to remove flights with irrelevant arrivals or departures.

Flight connections

🏃 Q: Is there a change of terminal?
A: If yes, check if the passenger has to leave the migration area to reach the next departure terminal, as then they need to show documents (visas) to enter the country.

🌙 Q: Is there a long/overnight connection?
A: If yes, the passenger might need a hotel reservation.

*Use a filter to remove options with long/overnight connections.

📄 Q: Does a passenger have all documents to transit in the connecting country?
A: If not, this flight is impossible.

*Use a filter to avoid certain airports, cities or countries.

🔀 Q: Does the passenger arrive at one airport and depart from another one?
A: If yes, they need to have documents (visas) to enter the country.

*Use a filter to avoid airport change.

😷 Q: Are there any Covid-19 restrictions or requirements to transit/enter the country?
A: Please check this with our support in chat.

*If there are any countries a passenger cannot transit, use avoid filter to remove them from the search results.

✂️ Q: Is it a single or a split ticket?
A: If it is a split ticket, the passenger will leave migration area in the airport where the first ticket ends and the second one begins. The passenger will need to have documents to enter the country.

If you have questions about the flight, please contact us in chat.

How to ask questions in chat?
Pick the flight you have a question about and go to the booking screen (click on the flight’s price).

Copy the link from the booking screen

Open chat button and paste the link with your question

Ticket refund rules

💰 Q: Do you need only fully refundable flights?
A: If yes, use a filter by fully refundable flights.

💸 Q: Do you accept flights with cancellation fees?
A: If yes, use a filter by refundable flights and check cancellation timeline to see the fees or ask us in support chat.

Baggage allowance

💼 Q: Does your crew need a certain baggage allowance, e.g. 2 pieces of baggage?
A: If yes, use a filter by 1 piece or 2 pieces of checked baggage.

Edit routes

📅 Q: Would you like to check other airports or dates?
A: If yes, use the “Edit routes” feature to add cities/airports and dates to the flight result page.

✈️ Q: Did you find the flight that you need?
A: If not, ask for our support in chat, we will assist you.

When you go through the above checklist, you should find the suitable flight.

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Updated on: 28/04/2023

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