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What is overbooking by airlines?

Overbooking occurs when airlines sell more tickets than there are available seats on the aircraft. This can lead to situations where passengers have their confirmed seats cancelled after booking.

When can overbooking happen?
Overbooking can happen:
Before the flight: This typically occurs due to discrepancies between the marketing airline (the one selling the seats) and the operating airline (the one actually flying the aircraft). Technical issues between these carriers can result in the sale of seats that are no longer available, leading to cancellations after booking through our app.
At the airport: Airlines may offload passengers at the airport due to overselling tickets. They might request volunteers to take a different flight, often with incentives, or make the decision to offload passengers directly.

What should I do if my seat is cancelled due to overbooking before the flight?
If we're notified that your seat is no longer available, we'll inform you and suggest booking another flight. If your reservation was unticketed or fully refundable, there will be no cost to cancel. For ticketed bookings with cancellation fees or non-refundable fares, we will request a full involuntary refund from the airline.

What should I do if I'm offloaded at the airport due to overbooking?
The airline is responsible for offering an alternative flight. You should approach the airline desk at the airport to discuss options. If no suitable alternative is provided, contact us via chat or to cancel the ticket and arrange new travel. Should there be any refund fees, we will seek a waiver from the airline and issue a credit note once the refund is processed.

For guidance on handling other flight-related emergencies, please visit our detailed guide on what to do in case of emergency.

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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