It is always easier when one's baggage is checked in till the last point of travel rather than a passenger should pick it up at connection airport to pass it to the next airline.

Generally, for single-ticket flights airlines register baggage till a passenger's destination (unless exceptionally there is no agreement between airlines). Though in split tickets the airlines that appear in separate itineraries will not be bound by any agreement with each other.

Split ticket is a combination of several tickets planned in such a way so that you could conveniently travel to the destination you need, if no single-ticket flight is provided.

Thus, for a baggage to be checked in till the very last airport, you should always clarify this possibility at a check-in desk at the airport of departure and ask for the baggage to be registered till the very last airport of your travel.

When having a split ticket, ask at check-in for your baggage to be registered for the whole flight of your split.

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