No-show cancellation rules

Every flight has a different refundability policy in case passengers do not use their tickets. However, the definitions for these so-called no-show rules can be very different between airlines. The no-show rules can also be very different from the ticket cancellation rules before departure. Last week, we released some updates to clarify the no-show rules in a more obvious and understandable way.

The no-show rules are described in the fare rules of each flight. Generally, no-show rules always apply after the scheduled flight departure time. However, there are many exceptions. Some airlines will consider it a no-show when a passenger simply fails to use a flight or show up at the gate. Other airlines will call it a no-show when the ticket is cancelled up to 24 hours before the actual flight departure.

New features
Since last week, we released new features to the no-show rules to make our users aware of the no-show rules and to help them understand these rules better and faster. When booking a ticket we always suggest the ticket refundability before departure. Now we also suggest the ticket refundability in case of a no-show.

When the refundability rules in case of a no-show are set to a specific date and time, we will also show this. As the image below shows, the ticket will not be refundable from a specific date and time. It also shows how much hours and minutes there are left to reach this date and time. From this specific time, the no-show rules apply.

In the fare rules, you can find the suggested cancellation and no-show rules, highlighted on top. If relevant, you can see the cancellation deadline and how much time is left. You can find a more elaborate description of the no-show rules, when you actually start reading the rules, below the suggested refundability area.

Please remember, that we will only show the no-show rules, when they are different from the cancellation rules. So, if we do not mention the no-show rules, they are equal to the cancellation rules.

* Now, if ever the fare rules are not clear to you, please approach us in chat and ask for help.

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