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How to book separate tickets

Whenever you search on the app, you receive only single ticket options by default.

If after you made a search there are no single ticket options, the app will suggest you to allow searching for flights on separate tickets.

To enable separate tickets, use the filter. It is located at the end of the filter section.

You can also add separate tickets even if you have single ticket options to have more flights to choose from.

You can either add separate tickets in general or specify in which airport the connection between the first and second ticket should be by typing on the search field, or you can just see the options in all available airports.

Separate tickets can be cheaper and have better connection times, though they have their own specific rules to check. Whenever you book separate tickets, check the following:
Rules for entry to the country of the airport where the first ticket ends and the second starts. The passenger will need to recheck-in their baggage, which means they will need to leave the migration area and enter the country of transit.
Baggage allowance for both tickets. Tickets can have different baggage allowance, e.g. the first ticket will have no baggage and the second ticket will have 40 kg.
Refund rules, especially for the second ticket. If a passenger cannot join the second ticket flights because of the delay or flight cancellation in the first ticket, the second ticket will be refunded according to the ticket cancellation rules.

Updated on: 15/12/2021

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