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Flight Cards

When you start a search, you will see different flight options. Every unique flight option is shown as a separate flight card. What can you see there?

Airline logo

Airline logo
departure dates and times
time in travel
route (if you mouse over the airport abbreviation, you will see a full airport name)

stopover information (time in stopover, terminal change, night in airport)

final ticket price that appears in invoice

Cancellation conditions before departure
Place your mouse over the badge to open the cancellation timeline and read about your airline’s cancellation and refund policy in detail. Read more about cancellation timeline here.
Cancellation conditions before departure

Change conditions
The card shows whether changes before departure are allowed or not, whether they are free or paid. If you mouse over the change badge, you can open full text of the change rules.

Ticket class (economy/business) and type (marine/public)

Baggage information

Our new flight cards will show you your baggage allowance, as well as the baggage policy for every flight. All you have to do is scan the badge with your mouse and read the pop-up text.

Baggage information

By clicking on any information on the flight card with a right mouse button, you can apply filters to your search. To read more about interactive filters, click here.
If you click on the flight card with a left mouse button, you will open flight details on the right side of the screen.

Updated on: 31/05/2024

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