Once the flight is booked, C Teleport pays the airline the value of the ticket. Unless the ticket is refunded by the airline, C Teleport cannot credit the amount of the flight.
Here how it works

Cancellation and refund procedure

When the flight is cancelled it also has to be refunded by the airline. Then it is refunded to you.
C Teleport refunding system is automated and most flights are refunded automatically and instantly.

There is no credit until the airlines refunds
There are, however, cases when the refund takes time. For example, if there was a No Show on the flight. Or the passenger checked in and didn't fly. Or simply because the airline is not processing instant refunds, which happens from time to time. Such tickets undergo a delayed refund procedure, which may take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks depending on circumstances.

Credit notes for refunds
C Teleport automatically issues credit notes once the flight was refunded by the airline. If it undergoes the delayed refund procedure as described above, the ticket is treated as an active one.

Checking status
You can always look up the ticket and see it's status and related invoices. Tickets undergoing delayed refund procedure will have a status "Cancellation pending". Once this is finished, the status wil be changed to "Cancelled" and the credit note will be automatically issued.

How long may it take?
It may take between a few seconds and a few weeks.
Most refunds are processed instantly or within 24 hours. In some cases airlines may require more time to process it, which is a completely normal and standard procedure.
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