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Online check-in guide

Why check-in online?
Save time: Avoid the queue at the airport check-in counter.
Avoid fees: Reduce check-in fees charged at the airport.
Seat selection: Choose your preferred seats in advance.
Lower overbooking risk: Online check-in decreases the likelihood of being bumped from an overbooked flight.
Boarding pass convenience: Print your boarding pass at home or keep it on your phone to save time at the airport.

When to check-in online?
Online check-in typically opens 24-72 hours before the flight and closes 45 minutes to 3 hours before departure. The exact timing varies by airline.

How to check-in online?
The check-in process can vary from airline to airline, the usual procedure is as follows:
Visit the airline's online check-in page.
Enter the passenger's first and last name.
Input the airline booking reservation code or ticket number.
Some airlines may request additional information such as flight date, flight number, and origin/destination.

Note: If required to enter the booker’s email address and you need assistance, contact us via the support chat or at

Common issues preventing online check-in
Timing: It may be too early or too late for online check-in.
Service availability: Not all flights offer online check-in, especially code-share flights.
Incorrect details: Entered passenger details or airline booking reference is incorrect.

The airline booking reference can be found in the PDF with flight details. If there are multiple airlines on a trip, there will also be three airline booking references. The booking reference starting with C- is not correct.

Updated on: 12/03/2024

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