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Marine fare eligibility for airlines

Marine fares are special airline ticket prices offered to individuals working in the maritime industry. These fares are designed to accommodate the unique travel needs of seafarers, including flexible booking options and often more generous baggage allowances. Below are the typical eligibility criteria and some key points regarding marine fares for airlines:

Eligibility criteria
Employment in the maritime industry:
The individual must be employed in the maritime industry, including but not limited to, merchant navy officers, seafarers, offshore workers, and personnel working on oil rigs.

Proof of employment:
Valid proof of employment in the maritime industry is required. This could include:
Seaman’s book (Seafarer’s identification and record book)
A letter of employment from the maritime employer
Offshore worker ID
A contract of employment for an offshore or maritime position

Purpose of travel:
Travel must be related to the individual's employment. This includes traveling to or from a vessel, oil rig, or offshore location for work purposes.

Condition may change depending on the provider:
Different airlines may apply different requirements for eligibility on Marine fares, apart from the generic ones, in order to be sure, please provide us with the travel specifications so we can check accordingly. Please remember that all documentation will be required upon check in for the flight.

Updated on: 26/06/2024

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