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How to use the Help Center Portal?

Use this link to open the portal.

Prior to submitting your request, you can conveniently check if your question has already been addressed by typing it into the search bar:

Benefits of using the portal:
By logging into the portal, you gain access to all your cases created either through the portal or requested via email. From there, you can effortlessly track and follow up on any ongoing case.

How to log in/sign up to the portal?

Open the portal
Enter your email address

Proceed to log in if you already have an account, or sign up if you are new to the portal

How to report a case through the portal?

Open the portal
Select one of the three categories applicable to your request

You'll encounter subcategories to specify your request. After selecting these, you'll reach a form to fill out as the final step. Here, we'll request a brief summary and description of the case, along with details like the booking reference for existing bookings or a search link for search-related issues. Additionally, provide the flight departure time for existing or planned bookings. You can also attach any relevant screenshots or documents to the case.

After clicking the send button, your case is created. We endeavour to respond within or up to a day with a follow-up on your case. You can monitor the progress of your case anytime on the portal.

Updated on: 26/02/2024

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