According to IATA (International Air Transportation Association), usually a passenger can take two checked pieces of baggage with the sum of one bag’s height, width and length not exceeding 158 cm/62 inches.

height + width + length ≤ 158 cm/62 inches

Moreover, IATA advises 23kg/50lbs as a maximum weight for each bag. However, some airlines has an extended limit up to 32kg/70lbs per bag, or, controversially, set 20 kg as a limit.

max bag weight = 23kg/50lbs

"heavy" bag = 32kg/70lbs

Despite IATA resolution, it is the airline that sets the limits for a passenger’s bag’s weight. Thus, if in doubt, please visit an airline’s website or address a helpdesk representative.

Seaman fares usually allow 40 kg of baggage, though in some cases a passenger can take two 23 kg bags, for example, for Air Canada's economy class flights.

The same two concepts govern baggage allowance for seafarers as for ordinary leisure flights. For instance, Qatar Airways and Philippine Airlines apply weight principle, permitting seafarers to check 40 kg of baggage not taking into account the number of bags. Moreover, an airline can restrict the passenger in both number of bags and their weight: seamen travelling with Air Baltic can check 40 kg of baggage in maximum 2 bags. One bag’s maximal weight is 32 kg.
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