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Why you should never share your login and password

When you use C Teleport, all the tickets booked with your user or any user under your company’s name shall be paid by the registered company.

If the device where the app was open is stolen or you shared your login information with someone else who later makes an unauthorized booking, this booking will be charged to your company's account.

How can I prevent it?
If the device where you used C Teleport is stolen, let us know by sending us an email to, we will block your account temporarily to prevent financial losses for your company and create a new access for you.
Don’t share your account with your colleagues, use one account per person. We can create as many logins as you need for free in no time.
It’s best to log out of your account after every session on the app.

Keep in mind that sharing your account with a colleague is not only a financial risk to your company, but it could also affect the statistics on the app and the history of usage. For example, not knowing who booked what.

Updated on: 05/01/2021

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