International Air Transportation Association (IATA) names three criteria that affect baggage allowance:

frequent flyer status with the airline:
for example, Australia’s airline Qantas assign up to 50 kg additional baggage allowance to its Frequent Flyers – the exact baggage amount depends on a route, class and a Frequent Flyer tier.

purchase itself, as baggage allowance depends on a ticket class.

origin and destination of a flight:
depending on a departure/arrival country, an airline uses one of the two principles:
piece concept - an airline specifies the number of bags a passenger can check in, and
weight concept – the maximum number of kilograms (lbs) the baggage can weight.

IATA suggests that generally weight concept is used for flights with departure/arrival cities in Europe; though piece concept is applied to flights to, from and within the territory of the USA and Canada. Some airlines add South American and African countries to this list as well.

!!! NOTE: Despite IATA resolution, it is the airline that sets the limits for a passenger’s bag’s weight. Thus, if in doubt, please kindly check an airline’s website or address a helpdesk representative.
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