All invoices and payments are be available at

In order to increase efficiency of checking payments we have developed an easy and universal account checking procedure.

Please follow the following checking procedure:

Step 1. Check if you have all invoices
Make sure, you have all of them. If you don’t have one or more invoices, please email us. We will send you the missing invoices ASAP.

Step 2. Check if we have all payments
Make sure that C Teleport has accounted all payments from you. If any payment is missing, please send us the bank payment confirmation. We will trace the payment with our bank and add it.

Accounting method is irrelevant
C Teleport accounts payments using First In First Out basis: every payment first covers the oldest unpaid invoice. Please mind that it is irrelevant if our accounting method is different from your methods as long as you have all invoices and we have all payments.
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